Introducing My New Website: Gilbhub


It has been foretold but now the moment has come.

This afternoon, I will be switching from my current WordPress blogs, to Gilbhub.

Let me back-up a moment.

Those of you who have followed me on WordPress for the last few months, will know that I currently have two blogs: The Gratitude Jar ( and Not So Worldly Wisdom ( The two blogs have largely been for recording my thoughts on life, lessons learnt and the little things which make me happy.

This spring, I’ve made the move from my previous career, to an aspiring writer, journalist and presenter. It’s a scary but exciting journey which I’m in the process of embarking on and Gibhub is a large part of it. Gilbhub is my new portfolio website, where I will be posting all of my work from here on in. As my last few months on WordPress have been the most encouraging I’ve experienced, in terms of support from the big wide world, I wanted to explain here, why I’m moving and what you can expect from my new site.

The first reason, is that I want to expand my work and also post in one central ‘hub’. I’m keeping all of my current content – it has been painstakingly moved across – and I still intend to write on the topics of life lessons and gratitude. However, I also want to write about education, career advice, wellbeing, theatre, current affairs and more! My new website allows me to do this and categorise everything accordingly, so if you’re interested in one specific area of my writing, you can filter to your tastes.

You probably also know that I am a voluntary contributor for two websites: Everything Theatre and Eevee Life. I’m hoping to build on this list with some new organisations soon, but for now I’m pumping out the content for these guys as much as I can. What you may not have known, is that I also dabble in photography and have taken on a few freelance projects in the past. Finally, I’m very keen on presenting and working in-front of the camera. Some of you may have seen my Youtube channel, which now includes my first video for Eevee Life which I’m very excited about.

Gilbhub has a ‘portfolio’ area where all of these aspects are brought together. I’m hoping to do this professionally, so I want to make sure there is one central place for potential employers to see everything that I’m about.

So, I want to firstly say thank you to everyone who’s supported my two existing blogs and ask that you please continue to show your support on Gilbhub.

Without further a-do. I present to you…..(dramatic pause)…… GILBHUB!!